Good results BSON at Junior Master tournament in Tilburg on May 13/14th 2017

JM Tilburg 14-05-2017

On saturdag May 13th and sunday 14th 2017 several players from the BSON participated the Junior Master tournament in Tilburg.

Maurice Frijns only played in singles U17, won his first two games, but lost in quarter-finals from the fifth ranked player in two games.

Lisa van Gemert played in singles U15 and doubles  U15 with Celine. In singles she had two tough matches, but finally she could win both matches in 3 games. In quarter finals she lost the to the 5th ranked player. In doubles they won their first match easily, but in quarter finals they played against the first ranked couple and unfortunately lost in 3 games.

Nienke Kwakkenbos played in singles U15. After two easy wins in her poule-matches she lost from the 8th ranked player in quarter finals in two totally diggerent games: 21-4 26-24.

Jesse Stekelenburg was our most succesful player in this tournament. He played singles, doubles and mixdoubles U15. He reached quarter finals in doubles with Noah, was runner-up in singles and won the mixdoubles together with Karlijn.

Finally Esmeralda van Drunen played singles and mixdoubles U11 and doubles in U13. In singles she reached semi-finals but lost in 3 games from her opponent. In mixdoubles with Sam she reached the final, but lost in 3 games. In doubles with Mette they had to play in U13 so the two matches they played were tough but they learned a lot.

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