Junior Master Finals 20-5-2017: 2nd places for Jonathan and Maurice !

Junior Master finale 20-05-2017

On saturday May 20th 2017 the Junior Master tour ended with a final tournament in sportscenter De Maaspoort in Den Bosch in which the 12 best ranked badminton players of U11/U13/U15/U17 play singles against each other to determine who is the best tournament player of this season.

From the BSON the following players were qualified for the tournament: Maurice Frijns U17), Amanda Foss (U15), Jesse Stekelenburg (U15), Nienke Kwakkenbos U15), Lisa van Gemert (U15), Jonathan Li (U13), Jasper Buijnink (U13) en Esmeralda van Drunen (U11).

Maurice won a 2nd place only losing his final match to the first ranked player. Same happened to Jonathan reached the finals but then losing to the player he alreadt played against earlier that day.  Jesse just missed the finals losing his semi-finals in three games to the player who won the tournament later. Jasper got to the quarter finals, but then lost chanceless to the 2nd seeded player. However, well played boys!

The BSON-girls had some tough opponents too in their tournament. Nienke reached quarter finals after winning 2 matches in 3 games, but then lost in 3 games to the girl who won the tournament later on. Lisa, Amanda and Esmeralda lost their 2 matches in 2 games and unfortunately couldn’t reach to quarter finals.

The BSON-training sessions in Hengelo on monday and friday ended last week for this season. However, one important event is left for some BSON-player: the Dutch Championship on June 10/11th in Tilburg. Jasper, Maurice, Amanda, Lisa, Jonathan, Nienke, Jessica, Mels and Jesse are going to show their best play over there!


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