IBBEXS International Badminton Boarding Experience Salland

Longterm Athlete Development Program IBBEXS by John Fikenscher (June 2017)

In addition to the development of junior badminton athletes in the Badminton Academy- & BadmintonSchool Oost Nederland, the following concept is been used as a direction guidance document. This concept should connect and adjust to those competences and skills which are needed for every age group.

The IBBEXS, the International Badminton Boarding Experience Salland, uses the same criteria as the BSON (Badminton Academy & School Oost Nederland) for the development directions, however based on a daily and more intensive way and even more specified, considering the individual needs.

Central point of view is the international(European)desired level which is changing rapidly under the influence of a more scientific approach. Because international developments are continuously happening and going faster and faster, the whole IBBEXS development program will be reviewed on annual basis.

It’s obviously that all minor ages groups and beyond are taken into consideration due to meet the learning process. Individual on motor and cognitive level are having their influences in the ages related fases. The interpretation and the actual carrying out of this concept is in the first place a coach responsibility.  Only highly motivated and state of the art educated coaches with enough shown learning abilities, competences and expressed knowhow will be taken into consideration to work at the IBBEXS.

The international made assessments have shown that we in The Netherlands, in comparison with leading European nations, in the age groups U-9 up to U-17 deliver too less hours and we are lacking to have a coherent program. From the volume or duration perspective, on average it’s 4 up to 4,5 hrs less than the surrounding countries which are developing themselves very rapidly. From the perspective of initial needed badminton skills, it’s short too, all is being done from a very traditional point of view, regarding the use of methods.

In other words i find our younger athletes insufficient skilful in stroke performances and inadequate footwork. In general also in all physical areas a kind of poverty is sadly shown predominantly. In the older age groups it’s in fact nearly impossible to overcome these difficits, no matter how much effort you put into it.

It’s therefore my opinion to teach, train and develop age group related skills and competences in a perfect way with sufficient hours and to be integrated these matters in all training, rather than doing the 100.000 other aspects, and please do this as early as possible. A very good moment would be when children move from basic school level to the next stage of secundary school education, from the ages 10 to 12. Those other personally desired skills could be done that is, if needed later on in the development process.

The adagium should be:   “Simplicity makes it all effective and efficient”

But above all  ‘one plan and one central steered athlete guidance’ and working closely together with all involved stakeholders.

The badminton specific contents and approach are partly deducted, adjusted and based on the use of the following documents (see attachments).

LongTerm Athlete Development Concept Australia

  • Nationaal ontwikkelings Plan Tafeltennis
  • BSON Ontwikkelings concept 2016 (John Fikenscher)
  • ITISS evaluatie model 2013 (John Fikenscher)

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